Transfiguration of Our Lord Church, located in Perry Park Resort, was built in 1974-1975 and had the first Mass on Transfiguration Sunday in August of 1975. Fr. Baumann was the pastor and very instrumental in the creation of Transfiguration Church.

Fr. Witzemann followed Fr. Baumann as pastor of Warsaw and Perry Park. Transfiguration mission remained under the care of the pastor of Warsaw until July of 1992, when the pastor, Fr. Neuhaus, of Carrollton was given charge of it.

In March of 1997, the Kentucky River flooded severely, filling Transfiguration Church nearly to the top of the pews. Following the flood the church was repaired and decorative stonework was added in the sanctuary. Bishop Robert Muench presided over a special Mass to celebrate the renovation on Sunday, October 26, 1997. At this Mass, the building was officially dedicated for the first time.

Fr. Michael Barth became pastor in 1999 and led the parish in living the new mission statement “to love God and neighbor as Christ taught.” In 2001 two sisters of Divine Providence arrived – Sr. Paula Gohs, CDP as bilingual pastoral associate and Sr. Theodore “Teddy” Nolan as minister to the sick and shut-ins.

Unity between St. John and Transfiguration Mission was strengthened with the formation of a joint parish Pastoral Council, and a combining of both seasonal liturgies and the RCIA.

Fr. Gerald Reinersman was appointed pastor in 2005 followed by Fr. Kavungal Davy, C.M.I., a native of Kerala, India in 2007. He was officially installed Pastor in August of 2008.

Fr. Davy set for himself the ambitious goal of visiting every family of the parish. In 2013 Fr. Davy was granted a one year sabbatical which was spent in Kenya and India.

On July 1, 2013 Fr. Allan Frederick was assigned as the new Parochial Administrator of St. John and Transfiguration Church. Fr. Frederick and was assigned as Pastor of both churches on July 2, 2014. Fr. Allan has high expectations and plans for continuing the fine tradition that has been passed onto him.

Transfiguration of Our Lord Mission Pastors
1975-1985 Rev. Raymond Baumann
1985-1992 Rev. Gerald Witzemann
1992-1999 Rev. William Neuhaus
1999-2005 Rev. Michael Barth
2005-2007 Rev. Gerald Reinersman
2007-2013 Rev. Kavungal Davy, C.M.I.
2013-2016 Rev. Allan R. Frederick
2016-2017 Rev. Jacob E. Straub
2017-2018 Rev. Johnson Thekkudan C.M.I
2018-????   Rev. Thomas F. Picchioni